When getting a puppy, you need the basics, toys, bed(s), bowls, collar, name tag, leash, food, treats, and PEE PADS! There are other things too like, scheduling a walker, maybe doggie day camp, training class but right now, I’m going to be talking about pee pads.
I have tried many pee pads and these that I have found are heavy duty. My 1yr old Scottie mix, Gus, has a heavy bladder. He likes to drink. He’s a Scottish man after all. He knows how to drink a lot.
Somehow, I have trained Gus to use one spot in the apartment, that is the bathroom. He has the right idea, but he needs to do it outside.
Anyway, back to these pee pads, Top Dog Deluxe Puppy Pads. I’m on my second box now and hopefully if my training continues to go in the right direction it will be my last. There are two different boxes, one has 80 and the gigantic have 40. They’re not those cheap, pee goes right through, white pee pads, they hold it. When your puppy goes on it, it turns black. Letting you know they went.
They last a while too. Easy to clean up and I didn’t get my second box till after 4 months! It’ll probably be different for each puppy but for me it lasts and works!

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